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  • Denise Grandison

You are flawed, that is why you are a masterpiece

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Every failure you've had in your entire life is based on two failed relationships; the one you have with yourself and the one you have with your creator. It's ironic how hard we try to be connected or disconnected to and from both, at various points in our lives. These relationships have been so damaged at times, that they often leave us feeling disconnected, or questioning our own existence as a result.

Whether you are single, dating, married or in a relationship ask yourself " am I being authentic to myself or am I pretending with myself like I do everyone else?, Until you have mastered both relationships, with yourself and your creator, there is and will continue to be a struggle, in-congruence and denial of reality. When we remain strangers to ourselves it creates inauthenticity on our relationships across the board.

A spiritual relationship with our creator is one of the strongest foundation in life. If we do not know who we are and where we came from it is difficult to establish a sense of self. When we do not have an established sense of self, it creates displacement and conflict internally and externally. In order for us to navigate our relationships with others, we must first navigate the relationship with our creator spiritually, not religiously. This relationship will assist us with a strong sense of self, a spiritual identity, purpose, and balance.

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