I'm a child of the creator of all things. My mind is stretching and will not return to its previous form. I understand that this is all a parenthesis in eternity, and I strive to be egoless in this parenthesis but I am human therefore, I am flawed.

I have succeeded brilliantly, failed drastically, crawled in, and out of shame, bypass and suppressed, acknowledged and ignored pieces and spaces within myself  in the process of self-discovering. I am not a model of a person who has made it, I too am going up the mountain, but I am still learning everyday along my journey

I am a mother, a sister, a friend, a woman, a soul, a purpose, and a work in progress.  ​

​Like everyone else, I was given a gift by the creator and I am reconciling with my conceptualization of worthiness. What makes us assume that we are undeserving of our gift? Perhaps we don’t see ourselves the way our creator sees us; deserving.  I am humbled to be used as a vessel who helps others to connect the dots.  I see through the mask of those who hide, even from themselves.

We sometimes play a role for so long that we begin to believe that we are the mask we wear, the object, and the subject. Somewhere inside, as we watch our performance, we know deep down that we are not being true, authentic or congruent. In this knowing, we crave the rediscovery of who we are, with a hunger to actualize instead of looking from behind the bars of our minds, egos  and expectations of others.

​I am a work in progress, trying to be the change I want to see in the world, eating an elephant one bite at a time, knowing that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, trying to get up after each fall and still I rise above being a cliché as I rediscover my true self.         About Me | Denise's Life Coaching Services | United States