• Denise Grandison

Don't remain tight in bud, blossom

Updated: Apr 22

Often, we are tethered to our preconceived notions, comfort zones, constructs and familiarities. What we have always done may not work for us, but the familiar pastures provide us with a certain level of comfort. This level of comfort can sometime imprison us. When we are imprisoned, we fail to realize that our remaining so tight in a bud, hurts more than blossoming. If we could skip to the part where we all just blossom, then we wouldn’t know the feeling of being tight in a bud. When we are tight in our emotional buds, we limit ourselves from the possibility of blossoming if we stay in that position too long.

Gestation is the process of carrying or being carried in the womb between conception and birth, no life ever evolves by remaining in this period indefinitely. There is a point in which we gestate, remain tight in a bud and then there is what happens afterwards. Courage, intention and movement are the catalyst of the after. If we are not prepared to allow ourselves the right to receive the benefits of what lies on the other side of gestation and constrictions, the choice to remain the same could be more painful than the growth.

It’s not easy to be unafraid, to be bold, to carpe diem especially when there is pain. The only thing that can be more painful than the pain experienced trying to avoid pain, is the pain you create during the avoidance. Statistically speaking you are more likely to survive than not survive. The empirical evidence to support that is where you stand in this moment. You did not die, you did not break, time did not stand still and that too passed. Do not remain tight in a bud, blossom.www.iamdenise.com

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