What do I do?

  "I will show you where you are and help you understand how you got there. After this discovery, you can choose your path from a place of consciousness as opposed to your subconscious programming" 

Everything that we do is not based on the free will we assume.  We have two parts of our minds, the conscious and subconscious. So much of what we do is not from the place we think it comes from. Our subconscious programming operates with or without our awareness. 


My role in your journey is to help you identify both parts of your mind, your spirit and your true self. Together we will navigate a process where you can identify, observe,  uncover, recover and discover.   

With awareness, inquiry and intention, you can decide which path you will take.  My clairvoyance allows me to explore energies from previous and current states which allows me to connect with your emotion energies.  This ability allows me to gather information at a quicker rate than the traditional way of gathering information with words and cognitive processing. I am Denise, it's nice to meet you. I look forward to working or connecting with you.

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